In 2023, student Ese Asoro received support from The Murray Slater Foundation so that he could pursue a Master’s in Engineering at UC Berkeley.


In 2022, the Foundation once again supported the Girls in Engineering Program at UC Berkeley. Four undergraduate engineering students at UC Berkeley were also provided support so they could pursue engineering research.


In 2021, the Foundation continued to support the Girls in Engineering Program.


In 2020, the Foundation supported three programs in the College of Engineering at UC Berkley, the BioEngineering Scholars Program, the Computer Sciences Scholars Program, and the Girls in Engineering Program.


In 2019, the Foundation continued to support the Bioengineering Fellowship at UC Berkeley including supporting two of their graduate students.

Spring 2018:

Board members were invited to meet bio-engineer Dan Fletcher from UC Berkeley at an informational dinner in Santa Monica, California.
There they were given a presentation on the impact that UC Berkeley’s bioengineering team has had in aiding in prevention and treatment of River Fever in Africa.
2018 will be the first year of distribution to the bioengineering fellowship at UC Berkeley.


The Murray Slater Foundation became active and board members were added.


The Murray Slater Foundation was established by Murray Slater.